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Actively help shape the future now.

Welcome to the STICHWEH family! STICHWEH offers plant technology and ...

You want to work for STICHWEH?

Welcome to the STICHWEH family!

Are you a skilled worker in the field of mechanical engineering? Out of ...
Malbuch für Kinder, gesponsored von STICHWEH

STICHWEH supports the "We help children" campaign

Our commitment to the region

STICHWEH is supporting Kreisverkehrswacht Hameln-Pyrmont e.V. with a ...

Unleash the beast!

Netherlands: STICHWEH bucket wheel in action.

Lutze Process Netherlands BV has successfully completed the installation and ...

8 March | International Women's Day

Short interview with Anja Gröhlich - Managing Director STICHWEH

Give a tip to young women who are looking for their calling: Anja Gröhlich: ...

Scraper march: raw gravel extraction in Hungary

STICHWEH is at the start with its KS 1000 for raw gravel extraction at a quarry pond in Hungary

Scraper march: Raw gravel extraction in Hungary
STICHWEH is at the start with its KS 1000 for raw gravel extraction at a quarry pond in Hungary. Firstly, the existing quarry pond is to be re-gravelled. For this purpose, the scraper system is set up on the existing land conveyor system.

Who lives there?

Lacerta agilis: Sand lizard. From the series: Fascinating inhabitants of our raw material extraction sites

There is a so-called Red List in Germany. This is a list of endangered ...

Our new plasma cutting machine

If one has a cutting edge, then this is it: Our new plasma cutting machine: MicroStep CNC cutting system

We are proud to present our new product: Our new plasma cutting machine. ...

Happy New Year!

STICHWEH wishes everyone a perfect start to a successful 2024.

Thank you for a successful 2023 together with many successful projects and ...

Bonnau gravel works

Sustainable raw material extraction

The Bonnau gravel works in Bobenheim-Roxheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, is an example of regional value creation and sustainable raw material extraction.

Betriebsleiter Wulf

Interview: Mirko Wulf

Since March 2023 Operations Manager at STICHWEH

Mr Wulf, how long have you been with STICHWEH? I have been with STICHWEH ...

Highly productive in use

Pannerden, Netherlands

Lutze Process is proud to be part of a new sand and gravel processing plant ...

More sustainable thanks to the latest bucket wheel

Northeim gravel works, Germany / Lower Saxony

These days, everything revolves around sustainability - and the new bucket wheel also revolves around sustainability ...

Girls & Boys Day at STICHWEH

Pupils discover STICHWEH

This year's Girls and Boys Day took place on 27 April 2023. For four pupils ...

Revival of the deposit of the operator Oscar Savreux

Somme Bay at Le Crotoy, France

At Le Crotoy, the Oscar Savreux company uses a STICHWEH bucket wheel to wash ...

Economic factor raw material extraction

Development of demand up to 2040

How will demand for primary and secondary rock raw materials develop in ...

Winning raw materials!


It is impossible to imagine life without mineral raw materials. They are the ...


Just in time for the festivities.

With the highlight of the year, the bucket wheel number 1,000 (!), STICHWEH ...

STICHWEH Bucket Wheel No. 1,000

STICHWEH bucket wheel no. 1000 goes to the start!

STICHWEH baut das eintausendste Schöpfrad

Our STICHWEH Commitment to Sustainability No. 5


No. 5 of the Big Five: Employee responsibility Employee responsibility is a ...

Welcome to Goodbye

Wir alle kennen und schätzen Gundolf Opitz als zuverlässigen, fleißigen ...

Our Stichweh Sustainability Commitment No. 4


No. 4 of the BIG FIVE: Social responsibility Part of our principle of ...

Girls' & Boys' Day also at STICHWEH

April 28, 2022

The world's largest career orientation event, which promotes the idea of ...

World Water Day

KISS THE FUTURE: Ecological responsibility

Every year, the United Nations calls for World Water Day. The 2022 motto is: ...

Our STICHWEH Sustainability Commitment No. 3


No. 3 of the BIG FIVE: Environmental responsibility Less is more. We ...

You want to work for STICHWEH?

Sie sind ein Facharbeiter mit Leidenschaft, jemand, der seinen Beruf liebt? ...

Sand processing with the latest technology

Screening machines and cyclones for Alois Omlor GmbH

STICHWEH has modernized the aging sand processing plant for Alois Omlor GmbH ...

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