Our new plasma cutting machine

If one has a cutting edge, then this is it: Our new plasma cutting machine: MicroStep CNC cutting system

We are proud to present our new product: Our new plasma cutting machine.

Its name: MicroStep CNC cutting system from the MasterCut series

Your outfit:

  • 2D plasma support with a Kjellberg® Q 1500 plasma power source
  • Powerful TEKA® Air Cube filter system with 11.0 kW
  • Incl. MicroStep® machine control with MMI console and 24-inch touchscreen
Stichweh plasmaschneidemaschine 2

Its origin: It is made in Germany.

Its performance: It is used right at the start of the production chain. It works with maximum efficiency by cutting the material quickly and precisely. This results in an optimised digital evaluation of the benefit. Waste is reduced to a minimum - thus also contributing to greater sustainability.

Its current use: The new plasma cutting machine is being used to build a new KS 1000 scraper - currently in production in Thüste.

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