Absolutely selective classification

The precise setting machine programme

Modern processing plants must meet the increasing requirements for raw material quality and the need to reuse primary or secondary raw materials. In addition to the selection of suitable components during sorting, new machines for classification ensure technical and thus also economic success. If the substances responsible for the contamination have lower densities compared to the saleable raw material, sorting by density is a good option.

For this reason, STICHWEH setting machines are being used in more and more processing operations. STICHWEH setting machines are built in cooperation with our partner, Snoby Separation Systems LLC, in Thüste.

Select a perfect fit

Efficient separation

Setting machines separate according to the decisive characteristic "density". STICHWEH setting machines impress with their high throughput capacity - up to 270 t/h -, the use of exact
operating data for selecting the process and for calculating the raw material quality in advance. Via the automatic discharge control with analogue layer height measurement during operation
the STICHWEH setting machine system offers excellent results of the materials for further industrial use.

From sorting to discharge

To remove the light material (bad material, e.g. coal, shale, iron oxide, pumice, shells ...), the material is placed on the setting machine. A pulsed water flow lifts the material and it arranges itself according to its density. The material layer is put into a loose, fluidised-bed-like state by the pulsating upward flow of water. The light material sinks much slower than the heavy material and thus a layer formation takes place according to the density - i.e. the light material comes to the surface of the material bed, the heavy material collects in the lower part.

The light material is separated in the upper part. The heavy material is discharged below the light material. Depending on the grain size, various discharge options are available.

Setting machines in use

When using STICHWEH setting machines, the following requirements are met:

The normal sorting process remains simple, economical and ecologically efficient.

The selected sorting process

  • enables a high degree of separation
  • over a grain size range as large as possible
  • over a widely adjustable separation density

At the same time, the integration of the sorting system ensures maximum operational reliability and a smooth process.

It functions

  • with minimum personnel, energy and wear costs
  • and settings adapted to the site and raw material conditions.

Selectivity - even better classification results

The customer was looking for a high performance and efficient solution for separating ...

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