More sustainable thanks to the latest bucket wheel

Northeim gravel works, Germany / Lower Saxony

These days, everything revolves around sustainability - and the new scoop wheel also revolves sustainably, which has recently been diligently extracting sand at our Northeim gravel plant.

The new bucket wheel at the Northeim gravel production plant not only replaces the aging old technology, it also brings several great improvements. One of them is the reduction from the previous four large electric motors to just one 15 kW motor.
This reduces the power consumption for fine sand skimming to about a quarter of the previous requirement.

Despite the reduced energy consumption, the new scoop wheel also scores with significantly higher performance: Whereas previously about 80 - 100 tonnes of sand were extracted per hour,

the new scoop wheel produces about 175 tonnes per hour. Also, far less of the valuable raw material is lost. Marcel Salimi, AO area manager Northeim and Rosdorf,

is also very enthusiastic about another feature: "The new scoop wheel automatically controls the speed, adapted to the quantity that is coming in.

That's a great thing and super efficient."

What Marcel Salimi is also particularly pleased about: "We are now not only saving on several motors and their consumption and need for repair.

It is also a huge relief that we no longer have to replace the worn sand pumps, which were on the agenda twice a year with the old system.

The spare parts alone cost around 10,000 euros per replacement, plus the costs for the plant shutdown during the repair and the necessary labour.

Fortunately, all that is now a thing of the past."

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