Interview: Mirko Wulf

Since March 2023 Operations Manager at STICHWEH

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Betriebsleiter Wulf

Highly productive in use

Pannerden, Netherlands

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World Water Day

KISS THE FUTURE: Ecological responsibility

Every year, the United Nations calls for World Water Day. The 2022 motto is: ...

Kiss the Future!

STICHWEH, a company based in Lower Saxony, Germany, offers offers plant technology and processing systems for the stone and earth industry: from sand and gravel extraction to mining and professional classification. to professional classification.

The range of machines and plants for sand and gravel extraction for the world market includes scrapers, bucket wheels, log washer, screening machines, jigs, pumps and cyclones, complete solutions, special solutions, electrical switching and control systems, service and spare parts.

STICHWEH Global – your contact.

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