World Water Day

KISS THE FUTURE: Ecological responsibility

Every year, the United Nations calls for World Water Day. The 2022 motto is: "Groundwater – making the invisible visible". This year, as part of our "Kiss the future" sustainability initiative, we want to draw attention to the responsible use of water as a resource:
In gravel plants, wastewater is produced during many technical processes – such as the operation of bucket wheels or log washer. What happens to this wastewater?

Gravel pit operators pipe the water, which contains sludge, to a wastewater treatment plant for purification: That is, to remove the sludge and then return the clear water to the wash cycle.

STICHWEH, through experienced suppliers for its plants, naturally also offers efficient wastewater treatment systems as well as competent technical advice and delivery.

We continue to develop the technology and design of our machine solutions according to this principle: less energy consumption, less water consumption, less emissions. Our claim: We support gravel pits in operation to function as sustainably as possible and to continue as a nature reserve after operation.

Using resources sustainably is a STICHWEH principle – says Anja Gröhlich, STICHWEH Managing Director. That is why STICHWEH is also involved in projects relevant to the future, such as the second company network of the climate protection agency (UNRW):

The participating companies from the district have set themselves the task of increasing their energy and resource efficiency. "This is another important contribution to climate protection," says Tobias Timm, managing director of the Weserbergland Climate Protection Agency, in which the three districts of Hameln-Pyrmont, Holzminden and Schaumburg have joined forces.

The two networks are also part of the "100 percent climate protection" master plan for the three districts. The aim is to halve energy requirements and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 95 percent in the districts by 2050. More info at:

With its clear statement on its commitment to sustainability, STICHWEH has launched the BIG FIVE: 5 sustainability areas for which the Lower Saxony company in the stone and earth industry stands.

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