Our STICHWEH Sustainability Commitment No. 3


No. 3 of the BIG FIVE: Environmental responsibility

Less is more. We continue to develop the technology and design of our machine solutions according to this principle: less energy consumption, less water consumption, fewer emissions. Our claim: we support gravel pits in operation to function as sustainably as possible and to continue as a nature reserve after operation.

Example: three generations gravel ground Leimig

" … in the main, we have been carrying out wet extraction with STICHWEH scraper systems since 1961. First we used a track-guided KS 100, then a KS 124, and then we had a refurbished Stichweh KS 200 scraper plant with electric drives and frequency control in operation.
Only a few machines had to be built, and to that extent fewer raw materials were consumed and less energy was generated. The eco-balance of the Leimiger equipment and machinery could hardly be better …" - says the operator.

This is one of many examples in which STICHWEH shows responsibility.
With its clear statement on its commitment to sustainability, STICHWEH has launched the BIG FIVE: 5 sustainability areas for which the Lower Saxony-based company in the stone and earth industry stands:

Against the backdrop of accelerating global change, we all have an obligation to systematically find ecological and social solutions in order to fulfill our responsibility to society as a whole. That is why we pursue the position: performance and sustainability must be combined.

Already knew?

Umbrella organization of the building materials - stone and earth industry (Bundesverband Baustoffe - Steine und Erden) offers a biodiversity database. With this, the industry aims to record, document and evaluate its contribution to the conservation and promotion of biodiversity over the long term. To create a solid database, the system brings together biodiversity data from project approval and monitoring data from the operational phase and from renatured and recultivated extraction areas.

Link: biodiversitaet-sichern.de

For more information, see: smt-stichweh.com/smt-stichweh/sustainability

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