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Think global. Act local. As an international company, STICHWEH is firmly anchored in Lower Saxony. Against the backdrop of ever faster global change, we all have an obligation to systematically find ecological and social solutions in order to meet our overall social responsibility. That is why we pursue the position: performance and sustainability must be combined. 

One thing is certain: We want to make our contribution to the sustainable development of society. 

That is why we have developed the STICHWEH BIG FIVE, which show the attitude but also the developments on which our commitment to sustainability is based.


Our commitment to sustainability: THE BIG FIVE

Machine responsibility

For us, this means that we ensure responsible use of machinery in our projects: with the lowest possible emissions and best possible integration into the infrastructure of the respective project. This also includes the reuse of our machines as used machines and the resource-saving handling of spare parts.

  • Average service life of a STICHWEH scraper: 40 years in two-shift operation.
  • The majority of STICHWEH machines are still in use as used machines.
  • The supply of spare parts is not only just in time, but also sustainable in handling.
  • We have many long-running parts in house and carry out repairs directly on site.
  • We can manufacture new parts directly on the basis of existing drawing templates.

Manufacturing responsibility

Design, construction and assembly of customized machine services are provided from a single source and not via individual suppliers. Our machine is planned and built centrally in Thüste. This enables us to ensure responsible raw material processing and supply chain.

  • Raw material efficient handling in the development of scrapers
  • Centralized manufacturing: design/construction/assembly from a single source

Ecological responsibility

Less is more. We continue to develop the technology and design of our machine solutions according to this principle: less energy consumption, less water consumption, fewer emissions. Our claim: we support gravel pits in operation to function as sustainably as possible and to continue as a nature reserve after operation.

Social responsibility

Part of our principle of responsibility is our safety system. From design to assembly to commissioning, we ensure machine safety and quality. The result: long-lasting constructions and the decades-long average time of STICHWEH machine use.

  • Meeting the requirements for machine safety
  • Qualitatively durable constructions
  • Welding certificate as an example of high-quality workmanship

Employee responsibility 

As a regional employer, we stand for diversity and equal opportunities. As a training company, we also want to secure and expand the future for the region. This is what we stand for together with other companies in the Industrieverein Alfeld-Region e.V. (Alfeld Region Industrial Association). 

  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Regional employer