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Washing and dewatering bucket wheels

Fully exploit the classification benefits


To make the mineral resources sand and gravel to become special mineral resources they have to be processed. Washing and classifying are the most important stages of the processing. Coarse-grained material is already cleaned during the screening. For fine-grained material like sand or grain mixtures special washing, dewatering and recovery systems are necessary. Especially for this the STICHWEH washing and dewatering bucket wheel was designed.


The feeding mixture of sand, gravel and water is fed by a suction dredger, compressed-air dredger, floating grab or a preparation plant to the bucket wheel. The solids are deposited in the bucket wheel tub and are excavated by the bucket wheel. The bucket wheel cups are equipped with special plastic screens of different gap widths. A natural vacuum is created through the extended suction chambers which reduces the  dewatering degree to a minimum. In the tub a number of adjustable overflow weirs are located. Thus, it is possible to win finest sand or eliminate undesired fine sand.

Depending on the performance the bucket wheel rotates only with 0.5 – 2 rpm. Therefore the power consumption and the wear are extremely low. STICHWEH washing and dewatering bucket wheels prove an efficiency which has “washed” itself.

That means: they work economically even under most difficult operating conditions.


Five production series are available for the different material conditions and requirements varying for geological reasons : from the simple gravel dewatering to the finest sand washing, finest sand classification and finest sand recovery.

So, the material can be transported on a rising conveyor belt.

Production series E:  

Bucket wheels of the series E are mainly used up to a diameter of 5 m within a preparation plant for the sand recovery if a certain fine sand loss is accepted or desired.

Production series ES … BB: 

Bucket wheels of the series ES … BB are used if the amount of water is four times higher than the amount of water and only a low fine sand loss will be accepted.

Production series ES … BL:

Bucket wheels of the series ES … BL are used if no fine sand loss is accepted. These bucket wheels have the same tub width as the fine sand bucket wheels and differ by the larger bucket volume and the stronger drive.

Fine sand bucket wheels of the production series FS … BL:

Fine sand bucket wheels of the series FS … BL are especially used for the fine sand recovery and differ by a large recalming area and slow speed.

Bucket wheels of the production series DS … BL:

Bucket wheels of the series DS … BL with dual drive are used to improve the sand quality.


SMT bucket wheel factsheet