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Special solutions

Exclusives Included


We plan, construct and install your plants and deliver them adapted to your special requirements at the desired date. Our production on site, high-qualified staff and a reliable customer service guarantee that you will receive an efficient  solution being tailored to your needs.


We can combine and configure according to your specifications different equipment and components for your particular application. Here the range of applications for your plant:

Extraction equipment
Drag scrapers for the exploitation of natural resources, wet or/ and dry.

Feeding hoppers in various sizes for the reception of slow-flowing bulk materials.

Conveyor technology as land conveyor, water conveyor, tunnel conveyor, elevating conveyor, dosing conveyor
– whether diagonal, high or long – we have the correct accessories for each conveyor system.

Complete gravel, washing and classification plants inclusive the electrical equipment with switchgear and control units.

Screening machines – dry or wet
Single and multi-deck circular vibrating screens for extremely diverse applications

Dewatering – is our key issue. We offer worldwide the largest bucket wheel program for all imaginable operating conditions. For example, when feeding suction dredgers  our bucket wheels are fed with stones up to 200 mm edge length .

Cleaning and washing – by cleaning, frictioning and suspending
Single-shaft and twin-shaft log washer,
drum washing machines, tub washing machines


According to your specifications we combine for your plant solutions and components out of our portfolio, e.g. for a sand and gravel preparation plant with an output of 250 t/h operating near Minden / Weser: this plant consists of 3 screening machines: 1500 x 1500 mm single-deck, 2100 x 6000 mm twin-deck, 1500 x 5000 twin-deck as well as a bucket wheel type E 5011 A and ES 4011 BB and various conveyor belts.