Quarry pond Hungary

Raw gravel extraction with the KS 1000 scraper


A quarry pond in Hungary is to be completely re-gravelled: this means that residual quantities of raw gravel have to be extracted from the bottom of the pond.

These residual quantities are still in the quarry pond because the technical possibilities for extracting them were not yet available at the time of the regular excavation work.

The scraper system is then used in full cut for raw gravel extraction at the gravel works.


The raw gravel should be regravelled as sustainably and efficiently as possible.

Successful in use

The dredging lake has a width of up to approx. 275 m, so that work can be carried out here with a scraper path of approx. 250 m in order to be able to gravel out the lake as completely as possible.

As the solids output of the scraper system depends directly on the scraper path, an output of approx. 150 tonnes per hour is achieved during rescraping. The material is discharged onto a conveyor belt via a discharge conveyor on the scraper.

This maximises the efficiency of the process and enables the material to be conveyed in the shortest possible time.

Performance at a glance

Capacity: depending on scraper length, approx. 150 to 400 t/h
Mining depth: depending on scraper length, up to 35 m possible
Scraper path: up to 250 m


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