Bonnau gravel works

Raw gravel classification, grain size classification, dewatering and stockpiling


The Bonnau gravel works in Bobenheim-Roxheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, is an example of regional value creation and sustainable raw material extraction.

The plant currently extracts around 2,500 tonnes of sand and gravel every day. The Bonnau gravel works is operated by Willersinn Minerals GmbH, a subsidiary of Alois Omlor GmbH in Saarland.


  • Supply the region with building materials from the region
  • Ensuring the sustainable use of non-renewable sand and gravel deposits
  • State-of-the-art processing technology for precise classification and categorisation of raw materials to ensure sustainable raw material extraction

Successful in use

Processing plant consisting of:

Project Lot A - raw gravel classification, dewatering and stockpiling

  • Various conveyor belts, VS 24/60/II vibrating screening machine, incl. accessories, steel construction
  • STICHWEH washing and dewatering scoop wheel ES 6514 BBH, incl. automatic speed control
  • GEb 21/50 dewatering screening machine
  • Cyclone system (for fine sand recovery)
  • Feed hopper for additional feed, conveyor belt scales
  • Electrical switchgear and control system

Project Lot B - Grading

  • Various conveyor belts
  • Feed silo / intermediate silo with discharge chute
  • DSW 60/2100/5000 double-shaft heavy-duty washers with flow-on device
  • Conveyor belt weigher
  • VS 12/40/II vibrating screening machine
  • Return pipes, fresh and waste water pipes, steel construction
  • Electrical switching and control system

Performance at a glance

Philipp Rosenberg, Managing Director of the Industrial Association for Stone and Soil in Neustadt, honours the principle of "from the region for the region" when the Bonnau gravel pit comes into operation. The new plant is very important for the security of supply. Most people don't realise how many products require sand. From a sporting perspective, Rosenberg says: "There is almost no sport that doesn't rely on sand in some way."

The industry he represents also makes an active contribution to biodiversity, because - according to Rosenberg - the sand martin, for example, would no longer have a chance without artificial sand walls and break-off edges.

Download press article / Die Rheinpfalz "hardly any sport without sand" (Language: German)

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