Highly productive in use

Log washers and bucket wheels


Implementation of efficient, energy-saving and robust components in the process chain of a sand and gravel processing plant.

Successful in use

Lutze Process is proud to be part of a new sand and gravel processing plant being built in the Netherlands. With the STICHWEH double log washer and the two bucket wheels, the STICHWEH plants do a great job and are maximally productive for the classification of the existing raw material in use.

Performance at a glance

Performance in operation:

  • Double log washer DSW 200/2100/6000
    Cleaning of contaminated gravel
    Feed 150 - 200 t/h Gravel 2 (4) - 32 mm
  • Bucket wheel E 6522 H
    Raw gravel dewatering from suction dredger
    Feeding up to 700 t/h gravel 0 - X
    The bucket wheel dewaters the material with approx. 18 % residual moisture
  • Bucket wheel E 6518 H
    Sand dewatering after demoulding

Feed rate up to 600 t/h Sand 0 - 2 mm
Here, too, the bucket wheel dewaters the material with approx. 18% residual moisture

More information in the news: Highly productive in operation

Bucket wheels

Log washer

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