Sand processing with the latest technology

Screening machines and cyclones for Alois Omlor GmbH

STICHWEH has modernized the aging sand processing plant for Alois Omlor GmbH in Groß-Rohrheim, Hesse. The aim is to make the processing of sand more efficient, sustainable and of higher quality.

The modernization of the conveying and processing technologies should make it possible to produce high-quality sand for the concrete industry as well as sand suitable for further uses.

Higher throughput and more differentiated classification were among the requirements for the new solution. By setting up a consistently coordinated processing plant, STICHWEH has succeeded in meeting these requirements.

Among others, the following machines and components are used:

  • Impact box with suction dredger transfer
  • Screening machine VS 21/60/II and VS 15/50/III
  • Double bucket wheel type DSD 5011/09 BL 140 with automatic load-dependent speed control for 2 independent scoop wheel drives
  • Dewatering screening machine type GEb 21/40
  • Cyclone plant
  • Double shaft gravity washer DSW 70 / 2100 / 6000
  • Fresh water pump on pontoon
  • Electrical switchgear and control system

The modernization of the processing plant for Omlor was a complete success: this is shown by the figures in terms of throughput and material composition.

STICHEWH also succeeded in implementing an efficient solution in terms of water management:

Fresh water is taken from the dredging lake and pumped to the consumers via an appropriate pump. The wastewater from the plant is returned to the sedimentation basins via an on-site pipeline.

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