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Screening machines

Solids – Better separation accuracy


SMT STICHWEH offers complete state-of-the art preparation plants for the dry and wet screening of gravel, sand and other minerals. The screening machines are available as single and multi-deck design in different standard sizes and can be equipped optionally with steel and plastic screens. The careful coordination of inclination, speed and amplitude of the screen lining guarantees best classifying results.


Preparation plant for the production of sand 0 – 2mm and the fractions 2 – 8 mm, 8 – 16 mm, 16 – 32 mm. On the upper single-deck screening machine the separation is effected in fractions of 16 – 32 mm and 0 – 16 mm. The screen underflow passes on the downstream twin-deck screening machine. The material is classified into the fraction 0 – 2 mm, 2 – 8 mm and 8 – 16 mm. The sand-water-mix from the screen and washing plant passes into a bucket wheel. Through the operation of the butterfly valves within the slide also a fraction of 0 – 8 mm and 0 – 16 mm can be classified.


We supply complete preparation plants with corresponding configurations for your specific needs – to your selections:  

  • Screening machine type VS 24/60/II with bucket wheel
  • Screening machine type VS 12/40/III with associated slides and conveyor belts
  • Screening machine type VS 21/50/II with movable grain cart
  • Screening machine type VS 21/60/II with suction dredger and bucket wheel
  • Screening machine type VS 21/60/II with suction dredger and log washer
  • Classification screen type VS 12/40/III and  decarburization plant ALLJIG