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Drag scrapers

Mineral deposits – Superior extraction

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SMT STICHWEH drag scrapers are products based on many years of experience and know-how. Hundreds of drag scrapers have proven themselves in the sand and gravel extraction.

The simple and robust all-steel construction guarantees also under rugged conditions absolute operational safety. The pneumatic single-lever control of the scraper winch makes the operation simple and requires no previous knowledge. Drag scrapers are in terms of efficiency and reliability superior to other extracting methods and are especially suited for:

  • Dry and underwater extraction
  • River dredging and rescraping of not completely exploited flooded gravel pits

Drag scrapers prove themselves also under most difficult operating conditions where other mining equipment fails. Large stones up to about 10 t in weight, trees up to 1 m in diameter and 10m in length as well as layers of clay and loam do not present a significant problem for a drag scraper.

The practical modular system of all types makes it possible to provide with the same basic device –  as required -either a discharge for direct truck loading or to add a pre-bunker with or without coarse sorting grid and feeder for the conveyor belt feed.


The most important components of our machines are: the scraper with operator’s cab, engines and winches, scraper bucket, rope pulley, outhaul and inhaul rope. The scraper with cabin can be mounted on a hydraulic walker or a crawler track.


SMT STICHWEH drag scrapers are:

  • superior to other extracting methods in terms of efficiency and reliability
  • well suited both for dry and underwater extraction
  • easy to move with crawler track or hydraulic walker
  • simple to operate and maintain

They convince by

  • a large operating range
  • low power requirement and reduced wear
  • Can be used also under most difficult extraction conditions
  • Problem-free underwater extraction even in winter

Drag scraper type KS 1000 S  

Scraper box with a capacity of 10 m3, dredging depth 25 m with a pullway of 120 m, output 500 t/h. In this case the machine is driven by an air-cooled diesel engine but may be driven also by an electric motor.

Drag scraper type KS 400 RA with crawler track and boom

Exploitation of a 20-m high gravel wall. There is no risk of burying when using this method. The different types of gravel are well mixed.  Output 250 t/h. Instead of the direct truck loading the gravel may also be put on a conveyor belt by using a pre-bunker with feeder and a  length-adjustable transfer belt.

Drag scraper type KS 400 RA with crawler track and height-adjustable boom

In the position shown a depth of approx. 12 m is reached. With raised boom a gravel wall up to a height of  20 m can be exploited.


SMT drag scraper factsheet