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Limitless – Dewatering on a large scale

Dewatering with onward transportation

USA, Oregon, Santosh Aggregates


  • Slurry flow rate of approx. 15,000 gpm? 18,000 gpm?
  • Solids output: 1,500 t/h? of solids content /rock size of up to approx. 12-in.
  • Recovery of fine sand that had previously been lost during the extraction process using a dragline excavator.


Four bucket wheels with a double arrangement in each case to process the underflow of a scalping screen.
The double set of bucket wheels consisted of two bucket wheels from STICHWEH’s “E“ model series positioned in such a way that enabled them to receive the underflow of the scalping screen.
For every “E“ bucket wheel another one from the “ES“ model series was connected in parallel to carry out the fine sand recovery.

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