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In the last 12 months, STICHWEH celebrated 100 years of the company’s existence under the motto of ‘HEAVY BIRTHDAY.’ “The anniversary year was a further milestone on the road to the future for More Sand. More Gravel. More Success.” – say Anja Gröhlich and Rolf Sürig, General Managers at STICHWEH. 

In our anniversary year we further developed our strategic plan in important ways, for example, we expanded our product range by adding pumps and cyclones (work on the product presentation is still in progress) as well as jigs – for the further optimisation of the classification of sand and gravel. 

Just recently, STICHWEH reached an agreement with the Hemmerich company to manufacture its range of circular motion and linear motion vibrating screening machines (these can replace the earlier built GfA screening machines) along with the related spare parts. Circular motion and linear motion vibrating screening machines are used for sifting gravel, crushed rock, grit, sand and other bulk materials.

“To meet the increasing requirements with regard to technical and economically efficient classification, STICHWEH provides jigs, which are built in Thüste, in cooperation with our partner Snoby Separation Systems LLC”, adds Gröhlich. 

Jigs such as, for example, the STICHWEH Jig 2500 SG are used to separate light materials (e.g. coal, shale, iron oxide, pumice, shells, …) that are harmful to properties of concrete with the goal of extracting valuable raw materials for further processing or direct use, e.g., in the building industry.

During our anniversary year, we were also able to celebrate successes as an employer. STICHWEH maintains an active presence in schools, universities of applied sciences, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hanover, the Chamber of Trades and Crafts in Hanover as well as the Industry Association in Alfeld with the aim of providing well-founded information, early on, to young talent about the opportunities for gaining a foothold in the sand and gravel industry. 

At Girls‘ and Boys‘ Day, STICHWEH regularly provides an insight into its business and the various requirements whether they be in the area of office management, technology or design. Through the Chamber of Trades and Crafts in Hanover, as well as the Industry Association in Alfeld, Stichweh provides information about its current occupations requiring formal vocational training as well as job vacancies and their related profiles such as, for example, office management clerk, precision mechanical fitter or mechatronics engineer. 

Moreover, the company was naturally not lacking a festive framework for the anniversary year. 

The anniversary celebrations commenced in May with a major exhibition event on STICHWEH’s 100-year anniversary at the Haus an der Stadtmauer (house next to the city wall), in Wallensen.

Here, there was a presentation of impressions from a time journey through STICHWEH’s past 100 years that led to interesting conversations uniting both young and old and extending across the generations. 

The high point of the anniversary year was the anniversary party, at the works in Thüste, with people closely connected with the firm to which all employees along with their families were invited. 

Our Anniversary Magazine with impressions, stories and interesting facts from 10 decades of STICHWEH is available for downloading in a German and English version. We hope you enjoy reading it. 

We can look back with pride on a successful year and look forward to a shared future. 

In the current difficult situation we are making every effort to ensure that we can be there for you in the period ahead. 

Our customer service, as always, is available for you to respond to your questions or requests.

Please stay healthy. 




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