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Statement by Rolf Sürig

We’ve created a new technology that will make drag scrapers even more productive, flexible and eco-friendly. Moreover, by applying this technology, it will be possible to extract mineral resources even more efficiently. How does this work?

We’ve created an energy recovery system through the braking mechanism of the drag scraper. The braking system has been equipped with a generator brake for this purpose.
The 2-in-1 advantage principle works as follows: the cable drum of the drag scraper that is not doing the pulling generally always has to be somewhat slowed down in order to prevent the cable from unwinding.

If this were not prevented then the cable would become damaged.
With the new technology, this slowing down will happen by means of a generator brake.
The energy that is produced through this braking is then fed directly into the main drive. As a result, you ensure, firstly, a clean braking process and, secondly, energy production from this braking process, which leads to more efficient operation of the drag scraper.

STICHWEH DRAG SCRAPER TYPE KS 1000: equipped with a braking mechanism with an energy recovery system.
Rolf Sürig in the production hall in front of two 10 m3 drag scraper buckets, which were delivered with the KS 1000.
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