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Solid/Liquid Separation using Hydrocyclones

Highly efficient fine sand recovery at sand and gravel plants

STICHWEH, a company based in Lower-Saxony, is expanding its highly specialised range of plant technology and preparation systems for the pit and quarry industry in the area of pumps and cyclones. With the addition of pumps and cyclones STICHWEH is creating further increases in efficiency for the optimisation of sand and gravel extraction plants.

“With the hydrocyclone we are offering our customers yet another useful complement to our portfolio”, says Anja Gröhlich, General Manager at STICHWEH. This is because hydrocyclones are deployed at all those points along the process chain where solids (sand, fine sand, mud or gravel) have to be separated from water. Here, particle sizes of between 0 – 4 mm can be fed into the cyclone. Separating cuts of up to 10 µ are possible.
A particularly interesting aspect of our new business segment of pumps and cyclones is the STICHWEH range of spare parts for pumps. Here, STICHWEH stocks spare parts for the GP pump range (slurry pumps) from Weir Minerals (formerly Warman). A special advantage is that STICHWEH has many spare parts for the GP pump range in stock and is thus able to provide particularly fast delivery.

Here are some examples of deployment:

Hydrocyclones deployed for sand classification
Cyclone 150 m³/h, 50 – 80 t/h, 0 – 2 mm
Cyclone 100 m³/h, 10 – 20 t/h, 0 – 0.25 mm
Separating cut at approx. 0.063 mm
Underflow screening machine, cyclones and pumps
deployed for sand classification, for every 100 m³/h
Pump 1: for sand 0.5 – 2 mm, 50 t/h,
separating cut at approx. 0.063 mm
Pump 2: for sand 0 – 0.5 mm, 30 – 40 t/h,
separating cut at approx. 0.063 mm
Fine sand recovery from the waste water of a gravel plant
Feed approx. 180 m³/h
Solids approx. 5 – 10 t/h
Separating cut at approx. 0.063 mm
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