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Direct insight into the STICHWEH world of work and training:
To the film: “Your training – Your future” (language: german).

With the initiative “Mach was draus” (Find your Passion) STICHWEH is starting the training fall of 2021 and thus inviting all young people from the region to think about their professional future. 

“The economic situation is good, the industry is on the move and the fields of activity are more diverse than ever before” – reports Anja Gröhlich, Managing Director of STICHWEH Maschinen und Service GmbH – about the opportunities for applicants in her company. 

In addition to these strong prospects, future trainees and employees of STICHWEH can look forward to really good opportunities at STICHWEH. After all, employee responsibility is a top priority here and is part of the BIG FIVE that the international company for plant technology and processing systems for the stone and earth industry has created.

As a regional employer, STICHWEH stands for diversity and equal opportunities. 

As a training company, the Lower Saxony-based company also wants to secure and expand the future for the region. 

STICHWEH, together with its partners, representatives and other companies from the region, is also committed to this in the Alfeld Industrial Association.

Our trainees not only benefit from a profound introduction to all work areas and continuous training on the respective job profile. STICHWEH also makes sure that things go well at vocational school and provides support when needed. 

Two new trainees are currently taking advantage of these opportunities at STICHWEH as precision mechanics, specializing in mechanical engineering: Tim Haase from Bodenwerder, who had already begun training in another company and is starting directly with us in the second year of training, and Shane Marvin Schilleweit from Salzhemmendorf, who is starting with us in the first year of training. 

Even after the apprenticeship, we stand behind our people as a reliable employer, emphasizes Anja Gröhlich. We have a high takeover rate and our company benefits include: Further training measures, opportunities for advancement and the promotion of additional qualifications. 

We offer flexible working hours to ensure a good balance between a fulfilling working day and sufficient space and energy for leisure and family.

The video “Your training – Your future” offers a short film (language: german) insight into the STICHWEH world of work and training.

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