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Innovation Highlight 2018

New technology for even more powerful, flexible and environment-friendly drag scrapers

STICHWEH as innovation leader for the efficient extraction of sand and gravel has significantly further developed the existing technique of its drag scrapers

The result: even more powerful drag scrapers, an even more flexible and environment-friendly use and thus even more efficiency in the operation when extracting mineral resources.

The market launch of the new, sustainable scraper technology is for the brand STICHWEH, the market and the region a real milestone.

With the scraper innovation the company profiles its product range as well as its position as innovation location Thüste, where committed specialists work with experience and know-how for the future of the region.

So, STICHWEH emphasizes once again its entrepreneurship which is based on the belief that only movement means progress and future and that finally the originals and not the replications will convince the market.

The market launch of the SMT STICHWEH Innovation Highlight, which was funded by the NBank and the European Union, is expected for autumn 2018.

European Union
European Regional Development Fund

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