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Hülskens & STICHWEH

Together for more sand, more gravel and more success

STICHWEH – the company based in Thüste /Lower-Saxony and a global supplier of plant technology and preparation systems for the stone and quarry industry – is providing support to the Hülskens group of companies – which is headquartered in Wesel on the Lower Rhine – in no less than two major projects.

Hülskens is currently active in the extraction, preparation and provision of high-quality gravels and sands at gravel plants in, among other places, Büderich near Wesel and Rothensee close to Magdeburg. From these locations, Hülskens supplies its customers with a vast range of near-surface mineral resources. 

In order for this to happen in a highly efficient way and in a perfectly coordinated process chain STICHWEH has supplied tailor-made machine solutions for both projects.

Project 1:

At the Büderich gravel plant, STICHWEH’s semi-mobile preparation plant for the extraction and classification of sand and gravel, with its throughput capacity of 225 – 250 t/h, is ready to roll.

The perfect interaction of the following STICHWEH components, among others, will ensure maximum efficiency:

  • VS 24/60/II scalping screen
  • 3511/09 BL 120 double bucket wheel for the washing and dewatering of sand fractions
  • DSW 100/2100/6000 twin-shaft log washer for washing the gravel fraction
  • upward air flow in the floor for the elimination of wood and coal
  • VS 12/50/III classifying screening machine for the classification of grain size fractions into 2 – 8 mm, 8 – 16 mm and 16 – 32 mm
  • water-recycling pump from the bucket wheel to the pre-washing channel (conserves fresh water)


More info about project 1


Project 2:

In order to extract the resources in the Rothensee gravel plant – close to Magdeburg – as efficiently as possible, STICHWEH delivered an E 6518 H bucket wheel in April 2021. The STICHWEH bucket wheel will be deployed for the purpose of washing and dewatering sand and gravel that will be mined using a DN 350 mm suction dredger  (manufactured and supplied by World Dredgers BV, a member company of the Hülskens Group) and will enhance the complete system that consists of high-quality machines.

Within the complete system at Rothensee, the STICHWEH bucket wheel optimally dewaters sand and gravel: 

  • DN 350 mm suction dredger
  • slurry volume approx. 2,000 m³/h
  • solids volume approx. 350 – 400 t/h
  • feed material 0 – X (75/100 mm) estimated


More info about project 2




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