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Honor day for the raw material sand!

August 11, 2021

Today, August 11, 2021, is World Sand Day! It is an American world day (Play in the Sand Day) celebrated since the 90s. The day when young and old celebrate a resource that is important to all of us, sand. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the beach, in a sandbox extracting sand, or at a construction site.

The decisive factor is that sand, as an unconsolidated sedimentary rock consisting of a multitude of individual sand grains (grain size of 0.063 millimeters – 2 millimeters), deserves the day of honor.

The naming of the grain size is significant in that in this way sand is distinguished from the coarser gravel (grain size of 2 millimeters – 63 millimeters) and the finer silt (grain size of 0.002 millimeters – 0.063 millimeters).

Whether playing and creating sand art works or extracting sand and gravel for the construction industry – sand stimulates the human creative urge.

That’s why sand is the second most important resource in modern society after water – without sand, there’s no concrete for the construction industry.

40 billion tons of sand* are mined worldwide every year – nine times more than crude oil. And since sand as a raw material is also in limited supply, its extraction is of particular importance.

As a company that extracts, classifies and grades raw materials such as sand and gravel for industry using highly professional plant technology and processing systems, we are celebrating the raw material sand, which is so important to us all, on its day of honor.


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* Sand: Eine unterschätzte Ressource



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